The Climate is changing – so what?!

The media keeps telling you the climate is changing, right? Though the whole thing just seems completely un-relateable for those of us sat here reading about it on our smartphones.

I think climate change needs a re-brand.

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Fashion’s unique ability to engage us with sustainability

This piece is also published on The Crowd.

Some fashion brands are known as daring pioneers in the field of sustainability. From Patagonia with their ‘Don’t buy this jacket’ campaign to Kering and their open source Environmental Profit and Loss methodology. Though what is it that makes fashion a unique draw for those consumers intrigued by sustainability? It could be the creative and fun element it introduces to topics typically branded around science and fear. Or it might be fashion’s intrinsic link to individual expression and a way to display our values, for example about the environment.

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A meeting point for the ethical fashion community

It was great to be surrounded by so many ethically minded people from the fashion industry earlier this week at the Ethical Fashion Forum’s Sustainable Fashion Drinks. We met to hear more about the exciting plans ahead for Mysource and share our experiences on what marked a 10 year anniversary for EFF. I left feeling encouraged by the curiosity and drive in the room, and only hope we can continue to foster such meeting points for the ethical fashion community.

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The Future of Water and Clothing

This week we celebrated World Water Day. How concerned should we be with water scarcity and safety, especially when we consider the implications for our mental health? Can we better engage with climate change by understanding the impact of what we wear on water?

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Getting Redressed

This time last year I was boarding a plane back to Hong Kong, just in time to ‘Get Redressed’.

I had heard about Redress: a Hong Kong based NGO working towards environmental sustainability in Asia’s fashion industry. I was excited to find out more about the projects they get up to, to put this mission into action.

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