Myanmarโ€™s garment industry holds unique opportunity

Just as I return from visiting garment factories in Myanmar, a stream of press attention focuses on challenges facing this area. Although there are challenges, my trip has only made me believe in the unique opportunity this country represents to change the future of how our clothing is made. Amidst the media headlines there lies potential for real solutions on the ground that can work alongside these challenges and retailers.

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Pollution redefines fashion

Fashion can create pollution. But can pollution create fashion?

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 15.37.41
When models at Beijing’s fashion week hit the runway in anti-smog face masks we could not ignore the effects ofย pollution on fashion.

Normally when we talk about fashion’s polluting effects it can be too easy to ignore. But this time, pollution stole the show.

As models paraded down the catwalk in their iconic fluorescent white anti-smog masks, it hit me, just how pollution could redefine fashion.


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