A meeting point for the ethical fashion community

It was great to be surrounded by so many ethically minded people from the fashion industry earlier this week at the Ethical Fashion Forum’s Sustainable Fashion Drinks. We met to hear more about the exciting plans ahead for Mysource and share our experiences on what marked a 10 year anniversary for EFF. I left feeling encouraged by the curiosity and drive in the room, and only hope we can continue to foster such meeting points for the ethical fashion community.

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London’s Silicon Runway

Does sustainable fashion need technology?

Is London becoming a hub for fashion technology entrepreneurship?

America’s famous ‘Silicon Valley’ is a buzzing hive of technology entrepreneurs. But could London have it’s own creative twist on a technology hub with a ‘Silicon runway’? I popped along to events by Decoded Fashion and Asia House to find out!

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Getting Redressed

This time last year I was boarding a plane back to Hong Kong, just in time to ‘Get Redressed’.

I had heard about Redress: a Hong Kong based NGO working towards environmental sustainability in Asia’s fashion industry. I was excited to find out more about the projects they get up to, to put this mission into action.

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Dear 2015

In 2014 we have seen environmental sustainability and ethics rise on fashion’s agenda. Numerous eco fashion brands have launched into the market successfully, showing great potential for a fashionably conscious consumer. The media has raised the profile of ethics. Big brands have taken their sustainability campaigns to the high street, giving the issues the bigger stage they need.

Though I believe this is just the beginning. Some promises have begun to be made, though real change has yet to come into focus. A state of confusion still exists, in terms of how to present sustainability efforts to the fashion consumer and measure the impact.

People always ask me: why now? Why do you think now is the time for the fashion industry to become more sustainable?

I think that even though ethics and environmental concern have been on the agenda much longer than I originally thought, some progress has been made, but i think that now, in this generation, and going on to 2015, we have the power to grasp real change and progress like never before. This is because the younger generation are more aware than ever of the impacts climate change could actually have on their lives. I believe fashion could use it’s presence in this younger generation to make conscious consumption even more of a priority.

I believe 2015 is going to be a real test. As i take time to think about my goals for 2015, I am so curious to explore how fashion could set a benchmark for sustainability, by incorporating sustainable behaviour more easily into daily life, through a decision we make every day: “what shall I wear?”

The quote pictured, by Robert Swan brings together my motivation for 2015:

“The biggest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”

(Picture relating to the huge amount of textile waste we produce)

To me, this means action is needed, from everyone. In 2015 I’m going to travel through lots more issues surrounding fashion, speak to those affected and those who can influence the situation; then bring back these stories to inspire some solutions.

Here’s to 2015!


In Vietnam’s shoes

What journey have your shoes already taken, before they helped you make your own journey?

What ethical issues could we be stepping into? 

This year I was lucky enough to travel to Hanoi, Vietnam.

We found ourselves venturing through the bustling market streets into what was one of the country’s bases for shoe and textile trade.

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