A Sustainable Wardrobe: Where to start?

Often people approach me in a situation along the lines of “I want to act more consciously when thinking about what to wear – but where do I begin?! What advice would you give me?” It’s world environment day and probably about time I put pen to paper with a response to this.

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NGO Redress targets the global fashion community

Last week I went along to two events with Redress, the environmental NGO working to reduce waste in the fashion industry. Firstly, I got to see the launch of their new book: Dress with Sense. The following evening I went along to W Hotel to watch a screening of their new documentary: Frontline Fashion.

Both evenings gave me a sense that sustainable fashion is stepping up it’s game to attract a mainstream global audience in really exciting ways.

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The Future of Water and Clothing

This week we celebrated World Water Day. How concerned should we be with water scarcity and safety, especially when we consider the implications for our mental health? Can we better engage with climate change by understanding the impact of what we wear on water?

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