Myanmarโ€™s garment industry holds unique opportunity

Just as I return from visiting garment factories in Myanmar, a stream of press attention focuses on challenges facing this area. Although there are challenges, my trip has only made me believe in the unique opportunity this country represents to change the future of how our clothing is made. Amidst the media headlines there lies potential for real solutions on the ground that can work alongside these challenges and retailers.

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The ingredients list on our clothing is changing

As we adapt our wardrobes for more sustainable ways of dressing, youโ€™ll be choosing an item off the hanger with a different looking list of ingredients. Many fashion brands are switching to new types of materials, most recently ethical brand People Tree launched a campaign to introduce a fabric called Tencelยฎ into their line. I wanted to find out more about how these new ingredients lists were coming about, and how soon we as consumers should expect to try and understand what they mean.

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How transparent will our fashion be by 2020?

Very last minute I managed to join the Fashion2020 conference at The House of Lords, where politicians and industry leaders met to debate how transparency in supply chains could transform our fashion industry.

So what would a transparent supply chain look like?

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