Responsible Innovators in Copenhagen

The theme for this year’s Copenhagen Fashion Summit was responsible innovation. However what I actually came across during my time in Copenhagen at the world’s largest summit for sustainable fashion were responsible innovators; referring to those entrepreneurial individuals with an action plan for making sustainability the new normal. These responsible innovators and their startups got me really excited about the future of fashion. However, how can we grow a collaborative environment around sustainable fashion that allows influential corporates and responsible innovators to work together?

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The Future of Water and Clothing

This week we celebrated World Water Day. How concerned should we be with water scarcity and safety, especially when we consider the implications for our mental health? Can we better engage with climate change by understanding the impact of what we wear on water?

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Sustainable Fashion Through Technology

Some of you might have listened to my talk at Interlaced 2015 this week, on the topic of ‘Sustainable Fashion Through Technology’. I tried to zoom into two huge topics for the fashion industry: sustainability and technology. Both will have a huge and unpredictable influence on the future of fashion, but how can they work together?

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How transparent will our fashion be by 2020?

Very last minute I managed to join the Fashion2020 conference at The House of Lords, where politicians and industry leaders met to debate how transparency in supply chains could transform our fashion industry.

So what would a transparent supply chain look like?

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