The Climate is changing – so what?!

The media keeps telling you the climate is changing, right? Though the whole thing just seems completely un-relateable for those of us sat here reading about it on our smartphones.

I think climate change needs a re-brand.

Firstly, the phrase ‘climate change’ doesn’t actually point to the main problem here. Climate change isn’t a fight for the planet we call earth, it’s a fight for the humans who live on it – yes I’m also including you in this. The climate may be changing, but mother nature and earth will adapt and survive. Sadly the world will become un- habitable for humans, given to the increasing temperatures and resulting implications, such as resource scarcity leading to conflict.

Though when I recall the images that come to mind when I hear ‘climate change’ I don’t see anything related to this fight for human survival. Actually, I mostly get images of polar bears or scientists.


Climate change urgently needs to get the attention of the masses of young people on their smartphones, yet this phrase just isn’t working. Climate change is no longer just about the polar bears, it’s about you and me. Our lives are at risk here. But what can we do about it? I prefer the phrase climate action, or ‘our fight for survival’. What do you think?


– This is a smaller blog article than usual. I want to keep posting, but I’m finding myself without as much time as before to write since I became full time CEO of Knowlabel. Though I want to keep updating my readers with my thoughts on a more consistent basis, so smaller (and sweeter) articles, could be a good solution. I’m also going to be doing some videos.


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