London’s Silicon Runway

Does sustainable fashion need technology?

Is London becoming a hub for fashion technology entrepreneurship?

America’s famous ‘Silicon Valley’ is a buzzing hive of technology entrepreneurs. But could London have it’s own creative twist on a technology hub with a ‘Silicon runway’? I popped along to events by Decoded Fashion and Asia House to find out!

I’ve never thought of myself as fitting in with the whole ‘tech. scene’, but I think London’s unique quirkiness is going to make an exciting place for the fashionable and the technological to meet.

There’s so much talk about technology in the fashion world (wearables, 3D printing etc.) that it’s influence simply can’t be ignored.

I’d heard about Decoded Fashion, who host global meet-ups for fashion technology entrepreneurs, so when a friend told me about their upcoming London meet-up I just had to click attend.

The location was Twitter HQ. The office space was undeniably cool, with fun and open spaces which give creative ideas plenty of room to fly.


Fashion meets technology at Twitter HQ. Decoded Fashion meet up #dfmeetup #fashion #technology #startups #entrepreneurship #twitter

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I thought entering the room there would be an obvious divide between those in the tech. field and those in fashion. But there was no such feeling, it was all very welcoming. I found myself meeting industry professionals, entrepreneurs and fellow students…would definitely recommend checking out their events near you


Photo taken by Decoded Fashion

Photo taken by Decoded Fashion


Photo taken by Decoded Fashion 'Love where you work?'

Photo taken by Decoded Fashion ‘Love where you work?’

Photo taken by Decoded Fashion

Photo taken by Decoded Fashion (I’m back there in the Red)

But this insight to tech. had got me hungry for more. Since studying in Hong Kong last year, I discovered London’s Asia House. It’s quite an amazing find, they host all kind of events bringing together China and the UK…..I had to find my way to their event named ‘Asia’s Digital Transformation’.

asia_house_logo Asias-Digital-Transformation

We all know technology gives people a voice. But an issue in the sustainable fashion debate is that everyone’s voice cannot be heard. Most of our clothes are manufactured in Asia, and I want to hear the authentic voice and story of those people involved in the manufacture of my clothing. This may seem crazy, but with technology it is becoming possible! Parry Singh highlighted the ability of technology to give people authenticity, in the ability to tell a true story. We spoke about how technology access is being increasingly given to rural communities.

Imagine if technology could aid transparency in fashion’s supply chain. This is one reason why sustainability needs technology. Asia needs sustainability.

London could well be the place where an ethical market, technology and fashion come together! I think I’ll take another trip down London’s Silicon Runway….





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