Shopping from a Sustainable Angle

What are the latest trends in sustainable fabrics?

How do designers get their hands on sustainable fabrics?

What fabrics might our clothing be made of in the not too distant future?

These were all questions swimming around in my mind before I went to The Future Fabrics Expo organised by The Sustainable Angle.

In answer to these questions, I found out there are so many possibilities when it comes to choosing new fabrics, and new technology is only just beginning to reveal what it’s capable of!


Going back to the inspiration of nature seemed to be a theme on future fabrics. I got to experience ‘Muskin’, which is an amazingly soft leather made of Mushroom Skin!

It’s crazy to think that in a few years we could be making our way through winter snuggling up in a lovely Muskin Coat..


Apart from the research going on into sustainable materials, another research challenge is finding out how to best engage fashion’s customer with this new vision of a fashionable future.


I met Douglas Atkinson, who is working on some innovative research at DISC (the Designer Manufacturer Innovation Support Centre) at the London College of Fashion.

He challenged me to test my ideas on a staple wardrobe item: the White T-Shirt. From a range of T-Shirts hung on the rail, I ranked each one in order of how long I thought one person spent sewing it, from the shortest 5 minutes up to half an hour. It was hard to tell from just looking at the stiches and seams, but I attempted a guess!


It was an interesting experiment, because we don’t often think about how long one person took to sew each item of our clothing. The experience made me wonder….how we can best integrate these kind of educational experiences into shopping?

How to shop from A Sustainable Angle? 


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