Yellow Building Blocks

The tall buildings that make up Hong Kong are what first strike you when arriving to this city for the first time. Whilst exploring Won Tai Sin, this yellow apartment block stood out to me in particular. The powerful yellow fits with the Easter theme and the shades of yellow pastels are on trend. Structured blocks of colours come to mind and an association with the parallel lines of the classic Burberry check. The block shapes of the windows just so link with the on-trendย monochrome check. ย  Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 13.19.58

Won Tai Sin Apartment Block, Burberry Check, Burberry Honey Trench SS14, River Island top and Blazer,ย Kat Maconie Heels, Celine Bag

This got me thinking: we already know that our environment very much influences what we wear, from changes in the weather to nature’s seasonal colours. But how could the apartment/house in which we live in affect the way we choose to dress? I wonder whether the people who live in this building block wear significantly more yellow than the average?


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