Sakura Sakura

This is me exploring fashion and it’s link to the environment, here on a positive angle.

Sakura (Japan’s Cherry Blossom Season) may be almost over, but the pink photos left over from a trip to Nagoya and Kyoto inspired me to create this ‘lookboard’. The pastel pink theme fits with Burberry Prorsum’s hugely talked about SS14 lace pencil skirt on Cara Delevigne. Looking closely the structure of the blossoms form in a way similar to lace. (You can click on my collage below for an enlargement)

(Clockwise) Nagoya Castle, Cara Delevigne in Burberry, Zara heels, Helen Lee Silk Bomber, Paul Smith Mens Shirt, Zara skort, me eating Sakura Mochi (Sing: Shakira, Shakira β™« ) Β  Marianne Caroline


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