One day to everyday

Fashion Revolution Day 26th April 2014. Everyday you can fashion your own revolution. Please don’t make it seem anything fancy. Fashion just allows you to revolutionise a new you every single day. When you open your closet and pull out a hanger that matches how you’re feeling today, actually you’re making a choice on how to revolutionise your own image to the world that day. Consider your image being a reflection of your aspirations, dreams, your past and your shared future, which at any point you have the power to revolutionise/ flip on its head. For example, by today wearing a new crazy pink dress.

Today is a particularly revolutionary day for fashion, so they called it Fashion Revolution Day. The meaning being so important that a whole day is dedicated to put all the hands that go into making our clothing into the spotlight. A year ago today marks the Rana Plaza Bangladesh Factory collapse, where many textile factory workers died in the name of cheap fashion. The fact is fast fashion isn’t cheap, someone somewhere is paying.

My passion for sustainable fashion hit me when whilst browsing the food labels on a supermarket shelf, I thought to myself: why are we so intrigued to know where our food comes from? Why is this info about whats in our food, where its made and who was involved in getting that product to the shelf becoming such a norm? Yet, when we pick up an item of clothing on a hanger we have no idea or curiosity for where that item came from or who helped to get it on that hanger. We seem to care what we put in our bodies but not on them.

For those who then try to search more into where their clothing came from, the information you find will be shockingly blank and nonexistent. Which is why today, on Fashion revolution day, we are wearing our clothes inside out to display the labels with a lacking of information, to make others stop and question: ‘who made your clothes?’.

BeFunky_Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 14.jpg This morning when you choose a hanger, think about how the choices you’re making in your wardrobe affect the lives of the those who helped get your clothing onto your body. Because if our clothing creates an image as a reflection of who we are, don’t we want to reflect a positive and conscious message through what we choose to wear? We don’t have the resources or need to continue running one of the most beautiful and powerful industries in our world in this way. One day, every day will have to be a sustainable day for fashion.   Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 13.24.48


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